photo: Ida Bjørkås


According to a reliable source Sophia has been singing before she could even speak. She first started to write her own songs in 2008 when she needed a new way to express herself like she did as a young girl writing in her journals. Her songs root back to her years of singing soul, blues and gospel, and is combined with the modern pop sound. The main focus in her music is the lyrics, as she write about her own life experiences in both good and bad times.


Although Sophia is half latin american, she was born and raised in a little town northwest in Norway called Molde, and after 3 years of studying music there, she moved south to study music at the University in Agder. Now, 8 years later she has completed both her bachelor degree in African-American music, and Master's degree in performing music. She is currently working, among other places, as a vocal coach at the University in Agder and the high school of music in Vennesla.


She participated in the second season of 'the voice Norway' in 2013, and has also been seen performing together with Odd René Andersen, DeLillos, Alexander Rybak, Torstein Sødal & Gaasehud among others...